Does Sex Stop After Marriage

Marriage Myth: Sex Stops when you get married.

Hmmm let’s see here, do we need to call in a private investigator to figure this one out. Or should we maybe call in Batman and Robin or even crazier than that lets call in Scooby Doo and his crew to solve this mystery.

To be honest with you I don’t think we need to call in any of those experts I just think that we need to take a look what the real problem is here. Now understand for many of individuals the sex probably slowed down and for some quite frankly it just stopped.

So the real question here is what has caused the sex to stop in your marriage? Now the myth is that sex stops when you get married right? Let’s see what really stopped when you got married.

It wasn’t the sex that stopped it was the things you did that got you the sex while you were courting. Now if you are in a Christian relationship where you did not believe in sex before marriage then maybe for you it just never started once you got married.

I’m kidding don’t get all crazy on me. But seriously here think about it, it wasn’t that the sex stopped it was the fact that you stopped doing the things for your spouse that caused them to want to reciprocate with sex.

For so many couples when they get married they stop creating excitement and love in the relationship. They stop buying the flowers, (unless they are in trouble hahaha) or they stop giving the little gifts that brought so much value.

If we could just get ourselves back to doing those things that bring back that feeling of love and validation from each other I truly believe that the sex will become so crazy you will just look at your spouse and say can’t we just hold each other tonight. Fat chance right? No not even! You get to create your life just the way you want it to be. You are either creating a life that serves the marriage or creating a life that only serves you the individual. When you serve the marriage then you can both be equally happy.

Look I know you’re getting all excited here reading this, I know this making you feel all giddy inside and now you want to go home and do something special for your spouse. Just remember if you make it a priority doing nice things then there is no end to how much sex one can possibly get. Have fun now!

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