3 Ways to Bring Life to your Marriage

Let me give you three different ways right now you can bring some life to your marriage.

1. Call your spouse and just say the words, "I Love You". Leave it at that. Remember they may not say anything back depending on where you are in your relationship. You are doing this because this is how you truly feel.

2. Greet your spouse at the door today with a kiss and a hug. They say that a 20 second hug alone increases endorphin's. This is natures happy drug. By doing this it may surprise your spouse, but just do it and let them feel the love you have for them. Don't be discouraged if it is not reciprocated back to you. Be patient and do this each day because You want to bring value to your relationship.

3. Go and buy your husband or wife flowers. Make the little card out to say, "this is just because". This works for both the husband and wife. My wife bought me flowers the other day and I giggled. This was very special to me. I know that she loves this even more.

Bonus tip: Whats easy to do, is just as easy not to do. Each of these things listed have the power to start the flame that can ignite a beautiful fire in your marriage. They are each very simple to do

and they are also very simple not to do. The choice is yours.

Thank you,

Eric Rios

If you are in need of one on one marriage coaching you can reach me at thesmilingmarriage@gmail.com

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