Marriage coaching is solution focused. We help you to focus on solutions to your biggest and smallest challenges. We take a very different approach to helping you get to where you want to be in your marriage. I believe that all of our challenges come directly from our choices. Many couples find themselves in a big rut because they have stopped doing the things that bring life to their marriage. With a change of perspective and a change of priorities I believe that your marriage can once again thrive. 

Marriage coaching is an alternative to the traditional marriage counseling. We will take a different approach to helping you reach your marital goals.


All marriage coaching sessions are done in person at my home office or by Skype or the telephone, this will allow you to be able to have your sessions at your leisure and convenience.


What you can expect during this marriage coaching session is that we will do a complete evaluation of where you are in your relationship and where you want to be. You always set the agenda for the meeting.


During this time we will help you develop a step-by-step plan to achieve your own marital greatness. I have found that relationships can change even if both spouses are not participating in the plan to make the relationship better.


We will help you learn practical ways to change yourself as a person first and by doing so many relationships change just by you doing your part first. We do prefer that both spouses participate in the sessions but we understand if this cannot be.


You will receive one-on-one marriage coaching up to 4 times a month. We will help you create a “keep doing list”, a “start doing list” and a “stop doing list” for your relationship. We will evaluate this each week during each session.


You will be given tools to help you determine your top human needs as an individual or couple.


To get started with your first 1 on 1 marriage coaching session you will need to fill in the form below or call our number 314-591-0479 to get on the schedule.


We will send you an email with a short form to be filled out so we know how to help you in your marital journey. Once we receive the form back from you will set a time to go over what your pressing needs are and determine how we can help you best.


We are excited to be working with you on your marital journey.


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