Eric Rios, Marriage & Life Coach

Eric Rios is not a marriage counselor or any kind of therapist. Eric is a life coach who specializes in equipping couples and individuals with the tools to create and have the life they want. Our big focus is on bringing awareness to the husband or wife and then equipping them with the tools to succeed. 

Eric is the founder of the company The Smiling Marriage, Eric has been studying human development for the last 18 years with an emphasis on helping individuals change their lives in the shortest amount of time as possible.


He believes any life can be changed in a moments notice. This change is due to the individual changing where they put there focus. He believes that all change starts with a decision to change.


Eric is a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach with an emphasis on marriage. He has studied relationships for the last 13 years. He has a very unique approach to helping couples create lasting marriages. 


Eric Rios is the Author of the book The Secret to Marriage, A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Loving and Lasting Marriage. Eric is a former youth pastor to a great group of kids. 


Eric has experienced hardship in his own life many times and in many ways. He has suffered divorce, financial disaster, custody battles, child support issues, step parenting and raising his own kids for many years. He has a great understanding of most of the things you will go through in your own relationship especially in understanding what works and what does not work.


He understands that not every relationship can be saved, he believes even if you are not able to save your marriage, you can turn yourself into the most amazing husband or wife for the next spouse if you are ever to be married again.


Eric is Happily Married to his wife and best friend Shelly, between him and his wife they have 6 children, 2 grandchild and 4 dogs. Eric has been a parent for the last 25 years and has raised some very amazing kids. He has a great understanding of raising both step children and his own kids. He has found that being in a blended family is a very rewarding experience.


When you work with Eric you will be given over 25 years of experience of being married and dealing with children. The system and process he uses to help you change your focus will be something you will keep with you for the rest of your life.


Eric and his Wife have personally practiced using the system and process for the last 11 years and has experienced amazing results. 


He developed the marriage system and process for himself because he was tired of having a bad marriage. Even though his marriage ended in divorce he took with him the lifestyle he created for himself using the Smiling Marriage system and has been happily married ever since.

After listening to Eric's audio series we gained great insight on the effects of divorce and the realization that we always take ourselves with us no matter where we go. That is something I had personally never considered. This is definitely and eye opening series that can benefit healthy or unhealthy marriages.


PS. We are still married and we think Eric's Great!!! Terry and Karen 

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