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There are five relationships you are going to need to build for you and your organization. 
Why is this so important? Relationships are the glue that holds the team together. Your family is a team, your friends and you are a team, your colleagues, you and your employees and you are a team and especially you and your customers are a team. 

When you lose the ability to have a relationship in any one of these areas you tend to lose that one thing that keeps you moving forward. 

1.       With your family
2.       With your friends
3.       With your coworkers
4.       With your employees
5.       With your customers

Each and every one of these are equally important to your success in life. 
Family – Is the foundation of who you are in your daily life. If your home life is a mess then more than likely your work life will reflect this. 

Friends – Are who you can lean on and learn from in a very non biased way. Having the right kinds of friends can make us or break us. 

Coworkers – These are the ones who will either help you or reduce you. Every coworker is valuable to the team no matter what their position.

Employees – Without good employees no business will go far at all. This is paramount to a businesses success. 

Customers – Without a doubt you’re most important asset. Every business fails for two reasons, lack of money and lack of sales. Without a customer you have no sales which creates a lack of money. 

We help make sure you are building the kinds of relationships that will help you to thrive in every part of your life. Having a healthy balance in your life is key to living the successful life. 

We will work with you to help you find the balance you are in need of to make sure you are thriving in your life’s endeavors. We specialize in helping you become the very best you possible. 

We are excited about helping you achieve extraordinary results in your life. We know that you have it within you to be great in anything you want to achieve. 

​© 2015 by Eric Rios and The Smiling Marriage.


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